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Ariane (Air if you want)
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United States
I just like to show my art work to the world I'm a little shy sometimes but I can be friendly if I want too I'm good at Drawing but wait until you see my knitting and crocheting, it's awesome.

P.S I did not draw this ID picture my friend 12kidder did it and I really love it.


Corith: I never thought humans essensal,
           There hearts are too pure for me, 
           but maybe they have a glimmer of potental,
           If all that they knew was my flame.

Corith: I know you're powers of retention are as dim as the sky is outside, but thick as you are, PAY ATTENTION! My words are a matter of pride. These long centeries have been torment the rains are the tears on my face. But now, as a new age is dawning, it is time for me to reclaim my place! So prepare for chance of life time, be prepare soe sensational news. A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer.

Tyra: And were do we freature?

Corith: Just listen to teacher, I know sounds sorted but you'll be rewarded when the earths aids in cutting me lose. No one shall escape this nightmare, be prepared!

Blade: Yeah we'll be prepared...For what?

Corith: For the end of the human era!

Blade: Why? Are they dying out?

Corith: No fool, we're gonna kill them, my siblings too.

Tyra: Great idea! Who needs a race. *Girls laughing*

Corith: You morons!!! There will be a race!!!

Tyra: But you said...

Corith: It'll be a race of demons! Stick with me and you'll never be ignored again.

Girls: Yay! All right! All hail Corith!


Demons and ShadowKhan: It's great that we'll soon be connected with a queen that all will adore.

Corith: Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected to take certain duties on board, At last all these humans will coward, of hope they'll see not a glimse, Point that I must emphasize is...YOU WON'T HEAR A SCREAM WITH OUT ME!!! So prepare for the coup of the century, be prepared for a new dark world! Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning, centuries of denial, is simply why I'll... Be empress entrnal, my empire nocturnal and see for the wonder I am... Yes, my temper and flames are flared! BE PREPARED!!!

Be prepared (Corith version)
I got the idea from both GatorKid509 and the nightmare moon parody. I changed the lyrics from my first one with a little help from rchlisawesome and 12kidder So thanks you guys so much for helping me and thank you guys for reading this.

ShadowKhan belongs to JCA

The song be prepared belongs to Disney

Corith and her hench girls belong to me.

Family of chiefs

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2015, 4:35 PM
  • Mood: Worried
  • Watching: Pewdiepie: Impossible quiz
Hey guys so this week my sister was trying her hand at cooking vegan foods some were alright some weren't, the reason behind my sister's cooking is because she wants use to be more healthy and basically be on a diet, of course I wasn't too happy about but I decided to cut my sister some slack and try it anyway, I know most of my journals have been very negative towards her but she just really pushes my buttons and pushes me over the edge, but she's still my sister and I still love her. Anyway back to my point is that my sister's not a very good cook and I'm not trying to say that I can be a better than her (but I am) it's that she doesn't ask for cooking advice and she wants to do all the cooking her own way, which I totally understand but every now and then you gotta ask for a bit of help from me, mom, or dad. My parents learn cooking from their families I learn from watching YouTube (Laura in the kitchen is the best way to learn cooking cause she's been on the food channel a few times) I'm honestly not trying to be mean to my sister but if you're sibling's acts like that or you do please ASK for pointers otherwise it's gonna be a bad dinner and money's gonna go down the toilet. I know my sister can be a pain in my ass sometimes but we're family and we love each other even if we don't show it a lot. Thanks for donating your time to read this journal

Internet you can be as mean as you want to be, should I keep drawing or just post more knitting work? 

7 deviants said Why not both?
No deviants said Yes, draw more
No deviants said No, more knitting work
No deviants said Maybe neither?


Aug 27, 2015
9:03 pm
Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 26, 2015
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Aug 26, 2015
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